What We Do

The current primary focus of the Foundation is to support and partner with selected 501(c)(3) organizations to promote the teaching of character education and character development, particularly to K-12 students in educational settings. There has been a declining emphasis in the importance of character in our society. Since we believe that character is the most important asset a person can have, this decline is a serious problem and poses a threat to our long term prosperity, happiness and success.

We believe that in order to raise successful children, the first step is to promote the teaching of character in K-12 educational institutions – since what we plant today, we will sow tomorrow.

CITRS partners comprehensive educational and youth organizations to provide teachers, youth workers and others with the tools needed to teach character education and development most effectively. CITRS develops customized curriculums and programs tailored to provide unique and effective solutions. See www.citrs.org.

Developing comprehensive character education and development programs is an important factor in accelerating student academic success and long-term success in their lives, as well as the understanding and appreciation of the importance of character throughout our society.

Please see “Conquering the Crisis in Character” and “The Importance of Character”., as well as www.citrs.org.